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China National Textile and Apparel Council Pioneer Plant — Functional Composite Polyester Staple Fiber

Brand Introduction

BHF is a manufacturer that focuses on the research and development,as well as production of customized fibers, providing sustainable solutions to address consumer demands.

Exploring the Future of Fiber

Creating a simple circular economy and achieving sustainable development

Nature Series

Future Series

Beyond Series

LEADING COLOR Doped dyed polyester staple fiber

BHF-RENEW Recycled environment-friendly fiber

BLUEGENE Ocean recycle polyester fiber

Dope dyed polyester staple fiber is a colored fiber produced using pre-spinning coloring technology in the chemical fiber production process.

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Recycled polyester fibers made from (land) plastic bottles

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Ocean-recycled polyester fiber made from (ocean) plastic bottle recycling

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SMARTWARM Hollow polyester staple fiber

ICECOZY Moisture absorption and sweat releasing fiber

TERNURA Soft and warm fiber

Flame retardant fiber

Antibacterial fiber

EDF POLY Normal temperature and pressure easy dyeing cationic polyester staple fiber

Shine fiber

High shrinkage fiber

By increasing fiber cavities, storing static air, reducing fiber weight, and improving insulation function, the fiber is lightweight and excellent in retaining warmth.

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Physical cross-section modification is used to increase grooves and gaps on the fiber surface, increase moisture migration and water absorption, and accelerate water vapor diffusion.

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Physical cross-section modification is used to change the fiber structure and increase the flatness and curved surface of the fiber, giving the fiber a more velvety effect and special touch.

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Polymerization modification, adding phosphorus flame retardant to improve the burning performance of polyester fiber

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Full series of silver, copper and zinc antibacterial

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By adding the third and fourth monomers for copolymerization and adding anionic groups, dyeing of cationic dyes can be achieved. At the same time, the fiber modulus and stiffness are reduced, and the anti-pilling effect of ordinary polyester fibers is improved.

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Physical cross-section modification is used to make the cross-section of the fiber appear in flat, triangular, dumbbell and other irregular shapes to achieve a certain mirror effect, reflect the light source, and achieve a flash effect.

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The polyester polymer is modified through polymerization, and after heat treatment, its shrinkage rate reaches 20%~60%

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Stay tuned

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Our Concept


Provide high-quality fiber for healthy life and be a practitioner of sustainable value


Become the global leader in differentiated fiber


Provide sustainable high-quality product solutions for the industrial chain

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We hope to convey to consumers our innovation and unremitting pursuit of products, establish more connections and interactions with consumers, and hear the most direct voices of consumers. Build relationships with transparency, integrity and reliability.